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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Footwear Affair

Hey readers! Yeah, went with the hiatus stage again. But not to worry. I might do some self fashion photo shoot again. Fingers crossed. Hehe.
My internet connection is not on its best condition these days. When will they ever get reliable. Hmmm....
Anyways, have you seen Lady Gaga's latest music video Bad Romance? The part where she was wearing AlexanderMcQueen's shoes? I mean I could definitely imagine Lady Gaga to be the one sporting the shoes as she epitomizes eccentricity and wild imagination.

Clearly it's only in the name of haute couture and art but I do appreciate such unusual creation. However for everyday wear, I believe in wearing something comfortable with heels not exceeding three inches.
But when it comes to shopping, flats are the best. We all know we need that extra comfort to move from one shop to another.
Matt leather sandal with silver studs

Mirror leather flat sandal in metallic gold

These look comfy enough. Both are Jimmy Choo's. But of course not all of us have the big bank to afford these sandals. You can always find inspired versions.

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