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Friday, September 10, 2010

Affordable makeup palette and base

It's been a while since I blogged about makeup. Just wanna share with you a few recent makeup items that I have.

I've been looking for an affordable makeup primer or makeup base. Went to Elianto makeup counter and the salesgirl suggested me the Miracle UV BB Balm. I never used it but I bought it anyway to see how well it works. Thankfully it does work well. It does make my foundation glides smoothly on the skin. It's also colourless which makes it really easy to blend. It acts as a base for makeup and has SPF 50 PA+++. I can see why it will be one of my favourites.

I also bought myself the eye primer. Nowadays, I'm just concerned about having a good makeup base cos I really don't wanna be bothered by creasing makeup or eyeshadows.
What I really like about both of these primers is that they make foundation and eyeshadows spread smoothly and evenly on the skin. No kidding. They're quite long-lasting too. The best part was I got discounts for both so I just paid like RM40 something.

This is my Celia makeup palette. I talked about it here. Received it somewhere in March. Only got to blog about it now. Hehe. The eyeshadows can be more pigmented if you use 'em with eye primer. Not bad actually. If you like to experiment with different colours, this palette can really come in handy. In fact I use them quite a lot too.

That's it for my makeup post. Cheers!

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CJane said...

You know, you can actually make your own eye primer and face primer. Cheaper lagi that way! Just mix up your foundation with some body butter (white color) or aloe gel (you can get them from Watsons). Whenever I ran out of eye primer or face primer, I make my own (sementara menunggu my order of primers sampai) Hehehe.


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