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Monday, January 23, 2012

When Reality Hits

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Truth is, I'm not sure if I can update as often anymore. As much as I don't wanna say this year will be a challenging year for me, I cannot help but think it will be. Just like everyone else who has gone through planning a wedding, now it's my turn to get all stressed up and worried. Well, not that I am now. We still have many months to go but I try not to be complacent as I'm aware lots of couples will make early reservations to avoid disappointment. I want to make the reservations as early as possible. -_- But.... The fiance has decided to take on an overseas job offer. At first, I also thought "WTH? Of all the year....!" But when he explained to me the purpose, I just wanna be the fiancee who supports him. Of course I may not like it, but some things I just have to believe in.
So yeah...we will be planning this wedding long-distance. That's the challenging part. For now, we have the church and reception venues in mind. But we still haven't done any reservations as we're still expecting the confirmed date. Of course we do have the proposed date but it's still up to the priest to confirm it. We will only be able to attend the pre-wedding course in June. Dear God... please help us...

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